Öfvergårds: the best apple juice you’ve ever tasted

Jan & Anna Alm from Öfvergårds

Also at the Open Water Brewery market, were these lovely people pictured above: Jan and Anna Alm from apple orchard Öfvergårds! At Öfvergårds they make the best and most delicious apple juice you’ve ever tasted!

The apple juice you buy in stores is usually made from second grade apples from mixed varieties. First grade apples would be the ones you eat, second grade apples are deemed ‘not good enough’ for that and end up in juices or jams (same thing with other fruits). Mixing different varieties makes the flavour of apple juice ‘middle of the road’, since the flavours basically all blend together.

Not at Öfvergårds though! For their juices they only use first grade apples. Also, instead of mixing varieties, they sell apple juices from different varieties separately. At the market, they had different flavours in a row, from more sweet to more sour so you could have a taste and decide which flavour of apple juice you liked the most. I have no idea what a proper way is to describe apple juices, haha, so I’ll just leave a link to the website where they describe each variety they have. Don’t worry if you can’t read Swedish, neither can I, but Google Translate is a huge help!

I had no idea there was a whole world behind apple juice!

I love supporting local businesess, so I decided I wanted to buy a bag for my friend, her husband and myself to enjoy. The apple juice was sold in 3 liter bags with a little tap for like €12. In my opinion this is dirt cheap for such a high quality product! It was hard to choose one flavour, they were all so delicious! Jan and Anna were so patient with me when I tried to make up my mind! They were also interested in where I was from and of course they knew Sanna. 🙂 In the end, I decided on a bag of Zari, which had a perfect sweetness while still tasting fresh and tangy enough for me. It was so so good!

If you’ve only tried store bought apple juice, I can tell you: you are missing out! So if you’re ever on Åland, please make sure to check out Öfvergårds and support Jan and Anna by buying their high quality products! It is by far the most pure, high quality and delicious apple juice you’ve ever tasted.

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8 thoughts on “Öfvergårds: the best apple juice you’ve ever tasted

  1. what a lovely recommendation 🙂 i really like apple juice… but real apple juice like this you mention, it seems to be naturally made 🙂 have a great week, PedroL

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