Sail into the sunset

Getting to the Åland Islands is super easy, even if you don’t have your own car. I used the Viking Line from Stockholm to Mariehamm. First I had to take a bus from Stockholm to Kapelskär (easy to book through Viking Line as well!). The bus left from the bus terminal near the central station of Stockholm. This was super convenient and I had chosen the location of my hotel for this reason. It didn’t take too long to get to the ferry terminal in Kapelskär. In fact, I think we were early! Plenty of time to relax before boarding.

I love ferries. To me, it’s an adventure on its own. The views, the vastness…so lovely! I had decided to go for an evening ferry as this fitted best in my travel plans. The ferry left around 19.30 hours, if I remember correctly. With the one hour time difference, we would arrive in Mariehamm around 23.30 hours. Of course I checked with my friend beforehand if this time was ok with her, since she was the one picking me up from the ferry terminal! 🙂

Taking an evening ferry had a major advantage: a gorgeous sunset! I love that time of day anyway. Things get calmer and quieter in the early evening, the sky changes, the light changes. I not only hugely enjoyed watching the sunset, I also enjoyed the way the light hit the ferry itself. I’m a sucker for lighting and I just kept taking photos! There weren’t many people on the ferry, which was really nice (and a huge contrast with the absolutely packed ferry ride I had on the way back). We were so lucky with the gorgeous weather and calm seas. What an awesome introduction to a new (for me) destination!

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15 thoughts on “Sail into the sunset

  1. What you call a ferry is very different from what I’m used to. It looks like you are on a ship. 🙂 In Corpus Christi, Texas when you take the ferry it is this boat that carries a certain amount of vehicles, and passengers of course. Riding the ferry has always made me nervous. You can sit in your vehicle or walk around the boat, but I always worry about there being some sort of accident and the ferry sinking. I don’t recall seeing lifeboats on our ferry either. I could be wrong (it’s probably been years since we rode it).

    Your sunset photos are beautiful. Did you see any dolphins? You will usually see dolphins when taking the ferry in Corpus Christi.

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    1. Ferries can be different in different places. The ferries I took in Norway were different from this big ferry to Åland. You were not allowed to stay in your vehicle on the latter. I love ferries, then again, I love being on the water in general! I have that fear of sinking (or drowning even) when I’m underwater. That’s why I don’t like diving! There were no dolphins. I don’t know if they have dolphins in the Baltic sea. The trip was beautiful! And how awesome you get to see dolphins during your ferry ride!

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      1. I love being out on the water, just not on ships or ferries. Lol I blame the Titanic. I do enjoy being out on the lake fishing though. I love being underwater to swim. I’ve never had the pleasure of snorkeling or scuba diving. My only fear in that aspect is sharks. I blame Jaws. Lol But I absolutely love sharks. I love anything ocean related really. My favorite shows to watch are ones about oceans and ocean wildlife.

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        1. Ha, well thank you Titanic! 😉 I did some snorkeling in Australia ages ago. Apparently, an hour or so before we went in there was a shark sighting. I was a bit more nervous to get in when I heard that, yikes! I only did a test scuba dive in a swimming pool and nearly freaked out so I think I’ll pass. Although, that was a looong time ago, so maybe things are different now! My fear? Mantarays! Even though they’re said to be harmless and gentle, that big gaping hole that’s their mouth just freaks me out!


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