Blue hue, baby I love you

Once through the Lewis Pass, we headed towards Lake Tekapo. It was on our way south anyway, so we just had to squeeze in a visit to see how beautiful it was out there. It was a quick stop, but I remember it being very hot! It was only a short walk from our parking spot to the lake, but we were melting!

Unfortunately, the Church of the Good Shepherd was closed, so we could only go around the outside. I’ve been inside on a previous visit, and it’s a nice, little church. Close to the church was the statue of a border collie, in honour of and to commemorate the hard work border collies do on farms.

Lake Tekapo is like a chameleon, showing a different colour blue all the time. Whatever hue the lake is showing, it’s beautiful. I plan on exploring more around there a next time I travel New Zealand. Also, the night sky is supposed to be incredible at Lake Tekapo, so I’m keen on seeing that with my own eyes!

It was a nice little stop on our road trip from Christchurch to Wanaka. It’s quite a drive between those places (at least it is for us Dutchies from small-country-land), so all the more reason to break the journey up and enjoy some sights along the way, don’t you think? 🙂

P.S. Apologies for the silly title, I was feeling rather ‘punny’ when writing this post, haha! 😛

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