Journey to the centre of New Zealand

Our first destination on the South Island was Nelson. I love this city! It’s just got this friendly vibe and I really enjoy visiting. Bummer we weren’t there on a Saturday, so we missed the market, but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless! We went to the Cathedral and found a sort of Christmas tree decoration contest inside. What a fun idea!

Christmas Eve was spent making pizzas and baking them in the hostel’s pizza oven. It was so good and we basically stuffed ourselves, haha! In the evening I joined a few people to go and listen to Christmas carols in the town centre. Unfortunately, we arrived right towards the end so we only caught two carols. A bit of a bummer, because the atmosphere in town was really nice! What a special way to spend Christmas Eve!

Lastly, I decided to hike up to the centre of New Zealand. Quite a steep climb up, but totally worth it. Because look at that view! Really awesome to be up that high and having a 360 view over the area. Do recommend!

I already know I’ll go back to Nelson some time. Maybe not the next time I’m heading down to New Zealand, but we’ll see 🙂

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