Day tripping

On Thursday June 7th I went on a day cruise on a small yacht. The sun was out early and soon it was boiling hot (around 37C). The sky was clear and the water calm, a perfect day for a trip out on the water!

We left from Argostoli and first went to Lixouri to pick up more passengers. Then we first went to see the fish farm. Out of nowhere, we were greeted by three dolphins! That was such an awesome surprise and everybody loved it! After that delphine encounter we toured passed the Fanari Lighthouse, a rather unique lighthouse with those columns, reminiscent of a temple dedicated to Apollo.

On our first stop we had the opportunity to swim and enjoy the cooling turquoise water. I jumped off the boat into the water and swam to shore. It was such a beautiful spot! Really what you’d expect from a Greek island. 😉

After this relaxing swim and after enjoying a cold drink, we went back on the boat and headed towards Vardiani (or Rabbit Island) for lunch. The sun was beating down and it was really hot outside, though the slight breeze when navigating the boat made a welcome albeit small difference. I’m not good with heat (I function best up to 23C so 37-39C was challenging!) and I soon made the decision to relax in the back of the boat where there was heaps of shade.

On Vardiani we had a BBQ lunch which consisted of chicken skewers, pork skewers, tzatziki, Greek salad and delicious flat bread. It was so good! We also had a bit of time to wander, so we went up the stairs to this small church of monastery, which was no longer in use (the inside was used for storing plastic chairs). The view from up there was pretty amazing!

We had plenty of time to go for a swim as well. At first, I had decided not to go for a swim this time, but the cooling water was irresistible and I jumped in. It was so nice!

As the day was winding down, we made our way back to first Lixouri and then Argostoli. I love being on or in the water, so this was definitely worth the trip! This was not typically my kind of excursion because of the partying and loud music, but I guess that’s part of vacationing on a Greek island. It was still lovely being out there, not worrying about a thing and soaking up some vitamin D!

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