You’re a wizard, Harry

Early April I went on a trip to London. During this trip my friend and I went to the Harry Potter Studio in Watford. I had hoped it would be good, but it wasn’t…in fact, it was awesome! So magical and amazing to see props and sets up close.

Even though there were many people, it didn’t feel overcrowded and you could easily make your way through the studio. We saw all the good stuff; the main hall, the boys’ Gryffindor room, potion class, Dumbledore’s office, the Hogwarts Express on platform 9 3/4, the Weasley home, the Forbidden Forest, the Ministry of Magic, Diagon Alley, Hogwarts and so so much more!

If you like Harry Potter, I definitely recommend the studio tour! We had a fantastic day!

Mischief managed 🙂

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10 thoughts on “You’re a wizard, Harry

  1. Ohhhh, this looks AWESOME indeed! Thank you for including all those amazing photos and giving us all a really good feel for the place. BTW, I am DYING for a real life bus with beds like those … 🙂

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    1. What a lovely comment to read, thank you! The lighting inside was actually pretty good and I was super happy about that. Oh yes, I’d love a bus with beds like that for comfortable travelling for sure! 😉

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