Hobbiton: an unexpected journey

On our way from the Coromandel to our next destination of Rotorua, I knew that we would sort of pass the Matamata area. I’d thought about visiting Hobbiton before, but never actually made my way down there. As we were driving south, I saw a road sign directed towards Hobbiton. I had no idea that we were actually thát close to it. So mom and I talked about it and soon decided that yes, we would take the small detour and check this former movie set out! The perks of travelling around in a rental car is to be able to make these kind of impromptu detours. Honestly, that was one of the best spontaneous decisions we made, because Hobbiton was awesome!

We quickly booked a tour at the counter and waited for our tour to start. First we were loaded onto a bus taking us to the beginning of our guided tour through the terrain and past the cute little hobbit holes. The area is maintained to a very high standard. And where the general area was a bit on the dry side, Hobbiton itself was an oasis of lush greens and cuteness. Our guide, Jenna, did an amazing job. With a sense of Kiwi humour and extensive knowledge of Hobbiton itself, she guided the group with ease. We went past Bag End (Bilbo’s and later Frodo Baggins’ hobbit hole) and Samwise Gamgee’s hobbit hole, and ended the tour in the Green Dragon, where we were offered a drink. After that it was time to leave this cute little spot and we continued our way to Rotorua where we’d spend the next couple of days.

If you love the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies, you’ll love Hobbiton! We surely did!

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