Warm colours and silhouettes

Plimmerton is a cute and conveniently located small town only a short train ride from Wellington, New Zealand. The town was a lovely surprise during my last kiwi adventure. I’d heard good things about the BBH hostel Moana Lodge and the place surely did not disappoint! The place was clean and tidy, and the owner/manager had everything well under control. Mom and I had a twin room in the front of the house, with comfortable beds and lovely views on the water. When lying in bed you could hear the waves coming in, which was the most calming sound to enjoy and to fall asleep to.

On one of our evenings, when we were enjoying some quiet time after being out and about all day, I saw this beautiful sunset. I couldn’t resist and headed out with my camera at the ready. I took heaps of photos to try and capture the sunset as best as I could. Not only do I love the colours during sunset, I also love this time of day. I’ve always been more of an evening person anyway, and I love seeing the day wind down adorned with warm colours and silhouettes.

What is your favourite time of day? Do you prefer sunrise or sunset?

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