Introduction to the Jura


Last August I visited a friend in France. We don’t get to see eachother often, usually only during a charity event we both attend. I decided it was time to change that! Since she’d already visited me once a few years before, I decided it was my turn to visit her. So there I went, on a plane to Lyon. We had a wonderful time and I really enjoyed spending some quality time with a friend that lives quite far away!

After a few days in a sweltering hot Lyon, we went to the Jura. What a stunning area, I had no idea! Sometimes it’s good to go somewhere with no preconceptions, because I was so pleasantly surprised. What a treat to live in an area as beautiful as this! At the beginning of the hike, we passed by these few trees. The sunlight made the green look even greener and the bright blue sky made the picture complete! I love it!

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