Lake Manapouri


During my first travels around New Zealand in 2005, I had booked a tour to go to Doubtful Sound and in order to get there, we crossed Lake Manapouri on a small boat. Lake Manapouri is situated in Fiordland National Park and the wider region of Te Wahipounamu South West New Zealand World Heritage Area. The weather was quite bad that day and Fiordland showed us its moody side. Crossing the lake wasn’t even that bad, but once we got to the fiord the phrase ‘rock the boat’ got a whole new meaning! Gosh, I had such motion sickness that it surprised me my guts stayed put.

I was really excited to cross Lake Manapouri though. I had once read a romance novel that was situated in this area, so to be on the actual lake was quite cool. The novel wasn’t that good, but the only reason for reading it was, you guessed it, New Zealand. Along with some other books that I read and didn’t feel like hanging onto, I put it in a free library/book exchange cupboard on a street in my general area. It was gone within the week, so I hope the next person gets to enjoy a shitty novel set in a beautiful area! 😉

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2 thoughts on “Lake Manapouri

  1. Wonderful photo, but that does look like it can be a moody piece of water! It sounds like your boat journey was quite an experience! I’ve heard of those book exchange spots – a great idea.

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    1. Quite moody, eh?! I usually get sea sick/motion sick quite easily (being from a very flat country), but this trip…oh boy. I suppose the bigger the boat, the more steady it is. This was a tiny boat though, so very rough and rocky. But…all organs remained in their proper places 😛

      I love those book exchanges. I have some more books laying around I’ll probably stick in there too. I don’t need to make a buck on them, though it would be nice if someone else gets to enjoy a read.

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