Mosteiro do Jerónimos

In the afternoon of our second day in Lisbon, we decided to visit the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (Jerónimos Monastery)…and it was amazing! Think beautiful hallways with luscious ornate columns, central courtyard, gargoyle type ornaments on the walls…it was pretty darn spectacular. The monastery had several floors, towers, pretty lookouts over the courtyard, and even a chapel where Vasco da Gama found his last resting place.

The monastery is a good example of the Manueline style which Portugal is well known for, and which is basically an eclectic, mish-mashy mix of ornate architectural styles. I thought it was quite refreshing to see something so different from what I know from home, Rome, Crete etc. I love that with all the influences on Portugal (from the Romans to the Moors), the country developed its own identity. And I love how proud the people are of it.

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