The sun goes down


My roommate and I looked out the window of our dorm room and saw Mount Cook in the most amazing pink light. The sun was setting over the highest mountain in New Zealand and we headed out as fast as we could to catch the last rays of sunlight. The light was changing fast and it was about half way that we realised we were too late. We had to laugh about our mad dash to witness and capture this amazing phenomenon nature was treating us to. I managed to take some photos from afar, with the mountain peeking in the back. Next time…

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6 thoughts on “The sun goes down

    1. Yep, but it was still so worth going outside and at least trying to hunt those last rays of sunshine. It’s all part of the game and I’m happy to play again 🙂 And thanks!


    1. Thank you! The mountain did seem to be hiding. We couldn’t really see all that much from the hostel, but from the Hermitage hotel, the view was pretty cool. Every time I walked over there, it was a treat all over again. I just love the majestic feel of mountains. Especially since we have none over here.

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        1. Is that in Australia? I love high peaks, but hiking through such an ancient mountain range is fascinating to me! I loved the Grampians, for example. So beautiful!


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