Rise and shine!

In October/November 2009, I worked on an archaeological excavation. Getting to the digging site from home took a few hours and to beat the rush hour, we had to be on the highway by 6 am. Luckily, during the week, we could stay at a ‘digging house’ closer to the site, which saved a lot of time. I’m not a morning person, so to be out there at the crack of dawn was surely challenging my biorhythm. Getting up early to get to work is part of the working life and I’ve accepted that 100%. Thing is, as an archaeologist, you work outside. It gets cold outside, especially early in the morning. Brrr! On the plus side, when you work outside, you’re surrounded by nature and that surely gives some pretty pictures! Here are some photos I took during those early hours when the rising sun and the clouds created these beautiful colours and shapes!

nl_ede2 nl_ede nl_ede3 nl_ede4

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One thought on “Rise and shine!

  1. What an interesting, if challenging, job – I don’t like early mornings much, either. But the rewards can make it so worthwhile and your photos are reminder no two days are ever the same!


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