Dublin part 1: herding cats

My friends are an international bunch; I know several people from all over the world, and I love it! Some of those friends I only see at a charity event we attend in London every 18 months or so. At the last event, we talked about spending some time together before the next event. That next event was last April. Miraculously, we actually managed to arrange a get-together with 10-12 people for a few days. We chose Dublin, because one of our friends lives there and we joked we would come and visit. That joke turned into a real plan and then a real visit. Not a visit as in ‘staying at her place’, because that would have been impossible! We booked an Airbnb in, coincidentally, the same area where she lived at the time. That was settled then!

What usually happens when you travel with a group, is that you never really get anything done. So many different personalities, so many different needs, wants and opinions. It surely was like herding cats! Being used to solo travelling, this was quite different from what I normally do! But since I had had six weeks in New Zealand to travel how I wanted, I decided to wing it in Dublin and go with the flow. I hadn’t done any preparation, and I had no idea what to do in Dublin. I didn’t mind too much either, because I was already happy with ‘catching up’ with people I don’t see all that often. I’m a very easy eater, so for me it didn’t really matter where we went for dinner. We managed to do quite a lot, surprisingly enough! How about that, eh?! It was a good (and intense) couple of days, where I learnt that staying true to yourself in a group really is the best thing you can do.

On the first day we visited Trinity College. What a beautiful university. Some of us wanted to see the Book of Kells, while others were more keen to visit a museum. I joined the museum group and we went to the Archaeology Museum. Awesome! I studied archaeology at uni, so I was very excited to browse the museum’s collection. My specialisation was European prehistory, so I sure came to the right place! I absolutely loved it! Flint, pottery, jewelry, a wooden canoe and bog bodies; all so interesting! We also did some shopping in the main shopping area, had cronuts and coffee, crossed the river Liffey and visited the Temple Bar area. Here are some photos from that day. More stories and photos to come in the next part!

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