Surprise gem of a place


This wasn’t even a place on my list of areas to visit when I was in New Zealand. My travel partner and I had spent some time in Nelson and were heading out of town and on to other places to explore. The hostel owner recommended Nelson Lakes N.P. to us. She said how beautiful and scenic it was, and what a great drive it would be. And she was right! We didn’t spend a whole lot of time here, but what I saw of this national park was amazing. I mean, look at this gorgeous lake and the stunning mountains behind it! I love that the clouds on the left cast a bit of a shadow on the mountain there. Definitely an area that I wish to return to so I can explore it more and maybe do some longer hikes!

Did you ever stumble upon gorgeous places that you weren’t even planning on visiting? Ever had recommendations of locals that made you change your plans?

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4 thoughts on “Surprise gem of a place

  1. What a beautiful place! The shadows are fascinating – for me, somehow they draw the viewer right into the image 🙂 It definitely looks like a wonderful place to explore!


    1. Absolutely beautiful! 🙂 And yes, exactly, the shadows draw you in. It was very pretty out there, just wished we had more time and I remembered more. There will be a next time, for sure!

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