Sleep tight, hope you’re insulated alright


B21880_4143_w_angelfire_bag 0014First off, I have to admit, I’m no seasoned camping-adventurer nor an expert. I’m simply a nut for outdoor gear and I love figuring out what the best option for a certain item is for me with my intended use. So any review is purely based on my view and personal experiences. I should also note that I am not stuck on one single brand, as it’s the quality, durability, the fit and options that do it for me. Price is important, because I don’t want to spend a fortune, but I also don’t want it to be the defining factor. My first Gore-Tex raincoat was very expensive, but it lasted for ages so it’s basically an investment.

When I signed up for the Fjällräven Classic 2013, it was clear that I needed a new sleeping bag. I have one, but it was cheap and not suitable for mountainous areas with cold nights. The sleeping bag that I have is fine for staying in huts, it’s light and packs small, but the quality ends there.

I searched the internet, looking for tips on what would be a great option for me. The Fjällräven Classic also gave some specifications. The first choice that I had to make was: synthetic or down. My old sleeping bag is synthetic, so I knew what that was like. I decided to go for a down sleeping bag, based on the insulation properties. I don’t need an extra long sleeping bag, because I’m short, so no special requirements needed on that front. Even though I wiggle around in my sleep, I have no problems with a mummy model. Since I mostly sleep on my left side, I wanted the zipper to be on that side. My old sleeping back has the zipper on the right side and it drives me nuts now.

After figuring this all out, I had a good idea of the sleeping bag I wanted to get. And I found one: the Marmot Women’s Angel Fire sleeping bag. And I love it! It was so comfortable to sleep in this soft and warm sleeping bag. I mean, I was worried about the camping bit of the trekking and this wonderful sleeping bag took a lot of troubles away. I wasn’t cold. Well, maybe for a few minutes when the wind picked up outside, but that was it. I was warm and fuzzy and comfortable. This sleeping bag should still be comfortable with -15C, and while I don’t have any intention to find that out, I’m rather pleased with that notion. Oh, and I love the bright green colours and purple zipper! It’s so cheerful!

The only downsides to mention are that it’s a bit heavier than my old one, doesn’t compress so small and it didn’t fit into the bottom of my backpack as well as I hoped it would. But now that I have a new backpack, that could be over as well! Or maybe I should try a different stuff sack.

All in all, I’m very happy with my sleeping bag and I hope I can use it on many more of my travels! 🙂

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