This image just doesn’t seem real. The grass is so green, it’s almost ridiculous! Perhaps the contrast was created by the bright sunlight and that big cloud hovering the little hill. Kind of like an old WIndows default desktop image or Teletubby country (uh oh). But I’d say this one is so much better! Advertisements

Brick wall

My favourite feature of this photo is the brick wall, or what’s left of it. How old is it? What was the wall a part of? Did someone live here or was it meant to enclose something or other? And if someone did live here at some point in time, they surely picked a nice…

Grand Maclu

What I love about this photo is all those layers: grass, shrubs and trees, water, trees, mountains, sky and clouds. The more I look at it, the more details I discover. This place definitely inspired me!

Over the hills and far away

The Jura is just so inspiring! Around every corner is a different landscape to enjoy. This was on our way back to the car. We thought we were taking a shorter route by going through the fields, but in the end it wasn’t much quicker at all. It was. However, it was far nicer to…


This is the forest in the Lac de Maclu area. I was quite captivated with this part of the forest. The moss coverage was dense, the brown and bright green colours took the sunlight so well and turned this area into a spectacle for the eyes. The photos don’t do it justice, it was just so beautiful.…

Don’t look back?

Not looking back surely holds truth for when you’re moving through life and you’re trying to not have regrets. When I’m hiking I actually prefer to look back, if only for the very simple reason that you might see a new angle of the landscape, feature or other sights. This is Petit Maclu from a different…

Petit Maclu

My favourite part of this photo is the reflection of the clouds in the water. It was such a clear and sunny day, dotted with a few fluffy clouds. I was surprised how clear the water was and how much it acted as a mirror. Stunning!