Testing the social media waters

Now that my work for the week is done, I can once again keep myself occupied with this right here! My blog! 😀 I’m so grateful for the follows, the […]

My big outback adventure

One of the things I really wanted to do while in Australia, was head into the outback. But to go into the outback on your own seems rather foolish, especially […]

Banks Peninsula

Perhaps one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets is the Banks Peninsula. Just a short drive or bus ride from Christchurch, it isn’t too hard to get to an amazing […]

Hokey Pokey

When I first travelled to New Zealand, I didn’t try the hokey pokey icecream. I don’t know what I thought it was, but I wasn’t having it. Since then, I’ve […]

Orange is the new green

When in Sydney, please visit the Botanical Gardens. They are a delight to walk through. Every time I visited Sydney, I made sure to enjoy a walk through these beautiful […]

The Liebster Award

Thank you Rachel for nominating me for a Liebster Award! I really appreciate it! Love your blog! 🙂 The Liebster award is passed within the blogging community to share appreciation […]

Victor Harbor

South Australia is a very hot and dry state. When I was there temperatures easily hit 40 degrees C and it wasn’t even during the Summer time! Still, a barren […]

Sheep jam!

Only in New Zealand, right? I mean, in a country with around 60 million sheep, this just had to happen sometime! 🙂 I’d gotten a lift from fellow backpackers and […]