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Kapiti Coast and Wellington

The perks of having international friends is that you have the chance to get invited to their home turf. And so I did and so I enjoyed it very much! We were supposed to go to Kapiti Island, a bird sanctuary off coast, but the wind was too strong and the waters too rough, and the ferry got cancelled. That was a pity, but didn’t diminish the good times, where I was reacquainted with Kiwi hospitality, and introduced to Pineapple Lumps and The Original Kiwi Dip. YUM! 😀

As always, time flies when you’re having fun and after a few days it was time to say goodbye and head down to Wellington. I took a train, which was a great ride with stunning views! The only reason for going to Wellington for me was taking the Bluebridge ferry across to the Southern Island. I chose the hostel purely because of the location, not because it’s the most amazing hostel you can imagine. Sadly, this also meant a delay in room cleaning resulting in a very late check in. Luckily, I could leave my luggage at the office and have enough time for a trip to the shopping area. Very dangerous, as practically everything was on sale! I bought a daypack from Macpac and I love it! I also treated myself to a yummy crèpe filled with fresh fruit, made by a true French man! It tasted so good!



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